Trumpet Table Lamp

A graceful traditional handblown Venetian trumpet design on a grand scale, finished with a highly defined turned-up lip, combined with Mid-Century Modern inspiration.

Add any Ligne vessel as a complement alongside this distinctive hand blown glass Trumpet Table Lamp.

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  1. Table Lamp (without Shade)     |    19.5" X 11.5"
  2. Table Lamp (with Shade)          |    30" X 16"

Trumpet Floor Lamp

Introducing our first completely handblown floor lamp with the same graceful traditional Venetian trumpet design and highly defined turned up lip as our acclaimed Trumpet Table Lamp. By increasing the scale of the table lamp, the floor lamp takes on a commanding presence to become a focal point in a room. Dimensions: 47” Tall w/o shade; 64” Tall w/shade. Materials: Handblown glass & Brass Collar. Nickel coated brass hardware, cloth covered wiring & linen shade.

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